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The Growatt Smart Meter SPM is for single phase installs, one-to-one solution for limiting the export limit of the Power grid. It is compatible with Growatt string inverters up to 50kW. With RS485 communication and direct connection, the Smart Meter is easy to install and cost effective.

The Smartmeter contains a high degree of maturity measurement, which makes the stored information from the inverters reliable. Growatt provides an effective and established monitoring connection.

The smart meter supports RF communication with Raillog and can be combined with the Energy Manager Shinelink. The Smart meter has protection degree IP51 and can be installed up to a height up to 3000M.

The Smartmeter can optionally be used with the SPH4000-6000.

Shinetech Growatt Smart Energy Meter ENG
Shinetech Growatt Smart Energy Meter Quick Installation Guide

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Gewicht 1 kg
Größe 18 × 16 × 16 cm

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