Hoymiles HM-300


Commonly used module power (W): 240 to 405+

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Hoymiles 1-in-1 microinverter is one of the most flexible solar
solutions, which can be connected to one PV module and used
in various settings.
All of these three models are equipped with reactive power
control and can meet the requirements of EN 50549-1:2019,
VDE-AR-N 4105:2018, UL 1741, etc. They’re also designed with
external antenna for stronger communication with Hoymiles
gateway DTU.

Datenblatt & Zertifikat:
Datenblatt HM300-350-400.pdf
HM300-400-Quick Installation Guide.pdf
Zertifikat HM300-HM800.pdf
NA Schutz Zertifikat HM300-HM800.pdf

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Gewicht1,98 kg
Größe18,2 × 16,4 × 29,5 cm

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