Growatt MID 15KTL3-X


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The new Growatt MID 15KTL3-x inverter has a total DC power of 19500W. The inverter has been specially developed for commercial solar panel installations and has a high efficiency of 98.75%.

Functions & Features

The new Growatt inverter features a 40% lighter and more compact design. This allows for easy and quick installation of the inverter. The inverter is therefore also easy to transport by means of 1 person. The Growatt inverter has a dual MPP-Tracker system and a transformerless design. This design ensures natural cooling of the inverter and low noise production. The inverter does not have a transformer or fan, which is ideal for homes or office buildings


By means of IP65 protection degree it is possible to install the inverter indoors and outdoors. The maximum installation height is 4000M. The inverter has OLED display and Touch button. This makes configuring and managing the inverter even easier. The inverter comes with SPD Type 2 on the DC and AC side. This function provides additional inverter safety. The SPD certification protects any inverter overvoltages and loads.

The new Growatt inverter comes with export control. This control reduces risks and optimizes export control processes. As a result, the highest possible optimized yield always takes place. It is possible to connect the inverter with WiFi, including USB port and RS48


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