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The Growatt MIC 3000TL-X(EU Model) is a lightweight and small inverter for residential PV installations. The maximum DC voltage, start voltage and nominal voltage are 550V, 80V and 360V consecutively. There is one MPPT with a maximum input of 13A. Various safety features are part of the inverter. A DC switch, surge protection and an AFCI option.

Lightweight and compact

The inverter weighs a little over 6kgs and is fairly small in size. This makes it easy and quickly to install by just one installer.

Safety and reliability

Growatt MIC 3000TL-X(EU Model) inverters have multiple characteristics that improve safety. The DC side has reverse polarity protection, disallowing current to flow the other direction. The DC side also has a switch to turn the system off. Both sides have a surge protection device and there is an option for an AFCI. AFCI stands for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter. This system detects arc faults that are not because of normal usage, exceeding those parameters and as such triggering the protection device, automatically switching the device off. This prevents electric fires. Another feature is natural convection cooling rather than mechanical. Natural convection cooling has no moving parts, meaning there is less maintenance and less chance of defects.

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Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 6,2 kg
Größe 27,4 × 25,4 × 13,8 cm

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