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Shinetech New Energy

Shinetech New Energy – founded 2015 by two young engineers, has over 12 years of expertise in the PV-Industry. Special about us: Not only do we provide service for corporate and private customers, but we are also a manufacturer ourselves. Our own Brand Shinemann has its own factory and R&D center.

Why don’t we have Online-Shop?
First of all, when talking about Solar products, Online Shop doesn’t make things easier. One should get advice by experts before the purchase. The technicality is very complicated, especially with Hybrid Inverters and Storage Combinations.
Secondly, we are no fan of paypal, amazon-pay or similiar paying methodes. They make purchases more expensive(300 Euro extra charge when paying 10000 Euro) without doing anything. Take your time, talk with us before placing your orders, with our expertise of more than a decade in this industry. Consulting is free of charge!

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Our Competence

Shinetech is an internationally successful company with customers from over 30 countries and regions around the globe. The founder have over 15 years of expertise in the Solar-Industry. We have extensive Know-How with Solar storage and PV-Industry as well as global connections. We have developed storage systems, modules and inverters which are already working in over 15 countries.


We have products from our own brand Shinemann as well as from other well-known brands
in our assortment. We have visited solar factories worldwide on site and know all manufacturers at management levels and we understand the complete manufacturing processes in detail. Our own products are already in the test phase and will soon be available in Germany.

Save your money and time

Through many years of cooperation with manufacturers, we have already secured very good conditions and credits. Thanks to our network, we learn as an insider about internal promotions of manufacturers, these can also be found on our website at Sale Rubrik.


Competent advice on the phone or on site is our be-all and end-all. As a manufacturer of solar modules, inverters and storage systems, we have an understanding of technical details at a much higher level than conventional solar dealers or webshops. We are also able to manufacture and supply bespoke solutions for customers.


We have two strong locations in Germany and China. We have no language barrier or time difference. We always immediately procure the right goods for our customers without having to travel much.