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Why Shinetech?

We offer low-cost photovoltaic systems, solar modules, inverters, battery and other solar products. New goods and used goods.


The company was founded in 2015, but the two founders have been working in the solar industry for more than 15 years. As a senior engineer in the production of solar cells and later project manager of small to large photovoltaic systems, we have witnessed the whole development of the PV industry and thereby gained extensive know-how and huge network worldwide in the PV industry. We would like to advise you which products best suit your requirements.


We have inverters and solar panels in almost all categories from small systems to large systems in our product range. Almost all well-known brands can be ordered from us. We do not sell any no-name products. We visited almost all solar factories worldwide on site and know the whole production process. Through years of experience and strict quality control, we always offer the best quality products. We get the same products from us with the same guarantee as the manufacturer.

Price advantage

Why dealers? Would not it be better to buy directly from the manufacturer? It sounds rational at first, but it’s not true, laptops and smartphones are often cheaper at dealers than at manufacturer’s homepage and buyers enjoy the same manufacturer’s warranty. Why? First, manufacturers must focus on research and production so that their products remain technically competitive. As profit margins in the solar industry are getting smaller these days, all manufacturers are struggling with their existence, leaving little time and money for sales and marketing. Second, a price is made up of many factors and is extremely intransparent and complicated for ordinary buyers. We all know the problem with the EIA (non-binding sales price). The manufacturer would never pass on the real final price to a small buyer. As a bulk buyer, however, we have negotiated huge volume discounts with manufacturers and can pass these price advantages to you. We offer exactly the same products for cheaper price than directly from the manufacturer.


We focus on wholesale and can therefore take a lot of time for you, whether email, telephone or personal meeting. With some manufacturers one is often neglected because they are as mentioned above under existential pressure and can not invest enough in service. With us you can call for a long time and give free advice. We are happy to pass on our know-how – after all, we all benefit when more and more people think about the environment and know more about photovoltaics. Just ask, which manufacturer is currently doing a clearance sale? Which product is a secret tip? Which product should you prefer not to buy because the company no longer exists? etc.


Since we work almost with all manufacturers, you can easily change your products with us, without contacting yourself with other manufacturers. With us you get for security already the best price on the market. If you would like to have even better condition, we are also ready for you to negotiate with manufacturing, which often has actually led to success. We always know the right contact person at the manufacturers. As you know, asking questions costs nothing.

Have we aroused your interest? Write us! We are always ready to discuss more details by email, telephone or on the spot!