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Container order

We regularly import large-scale containers from China to Europe for many business partners. Many have already benefited from our exclusive goods and great conditions, many do not yet know why it is so advantageous to purchase goods in large quantities from Shinetech.

So, why should you order large quantities of Shinetech solar modules from us?

1.Delivery time. We have connections with all manufacturers in China so that we can always get the goods faster.

Some purchasing managers always think that you should call the manufacturer directly, that should work right away, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately, no. Because with large manufacturers, e.g. LONGi, Trina or Suntech, production capacity is usually fully booked for the future 5-6 months. These manufacturers do not have any goods that are simply in the corner that you can simply buy. Also, an order for 800 solar modules is a ridiculously small order for manufacturers. The manufacturer usually does not accept any direct order that is smaller than 1MW (approx. 2500 to 3500 plates). Why are 800 solar modules so unimportant for manufacturers? Only insiders know the reason, because decades of tough competition have made solar modules so cheap that it is hardly worthwhile to manufacture solar modules. It must therefore be at least 2000 pieces for manufacturers to earn anything at all. Many end consumers in Europe are already benefiting from this, the solar system is cheaper than ever. We have established connections with almost all manufacturers in China since 2009, and everything at native language level without translation. We know the sales director, or even the management level. Due to the solid relationships we have already implemented MWs of projects in Asia and, as an insider, we always receive the goods much faster than a new customer who is knocking on the door of the manufacturer.

2. Price. Special conditions and exclusive internal offer from the manufacturer.

For many years we have already ordered huge quantities from module manufacturers for our own solar parks in China, mostly over 100MW. As a result, we have already achieved VIP status with the manufacturer, so that we have the best prices as your new customers from the start. There is also an internal network between VIP customers and all manufacturers in China. Many manufacturers will call us first and share their internal offers. By reducing the order or the failure of a large order, the manufacturers would sometimes have to get rid of the custom-made products that have already been produced, often at extremely low prices. You can never sell publicly at this price because it damages the brand’s image. So it is our turn first to buy these bargains. Most foreign companies do not even receive this information. Our website opened a window in Germany / Europe to this special bargain. Many people may have seen some super bargain products from us, the price of which is 10% -20% lower than on the market, and have not believed their eyes. But it’s true, 100% original products with full guarantee. Incoterms are very flexible with us, we offer EXW, FOB, CIF, or DDU, from the factory to your company!

3.Comfortable and secure

For many German companies it is not that easy to do business with a Chinese company in China. Language barrier, time difference, different culture, now in the pandemic, even business trips and trade fairs are no longer possible. Shinetech New Energy is a German company with German-Chinese genes, it is much more convenient and safer to do business with us than to chat directly with a foreign company with broken English via Alibaba. There are innumerable scammers that can be avoided with this. We know China and Germany so well that we can perfectly connect both markets. We want to take away risks for German companies and at the same time offer you good products at good prices.

Are you interested in a particular product but can’t find a supplier who can offer it? or is the amount too small to be on the manufacturer’s waiting list forever? Would you like to benefit from our exclusive secret promotions and secure the next bargain for yourself? Contact us! Email to