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Double Glas Module

Double Glas Module

60 Cells 5BB 275-290W Mono 1658*992*6mm
60 Cells 5BB 260-280W Poly 1658*992*6mm

72 Cells 5BB 330-345W Mono 1972*992*6mm
72 Cells 5BB 315-335W Poly 1972*992*6mm

60 Cells PERC 290-310W Mono 1658*992*6mm
72 Cells PERC 345-375W Mono 1968*992*6mm

Top Quality from China, CE-Certification, Tüv-Certification, we will take care of the import from China to EU!

Minimum order 1 Container 936 pcs. Delivery time 40 Days.