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What is a Micro Inverter? Is that only for balcony?

Sheng Zhang 0

Micro inverter is the smallest inverter that is suitable for from 300W up to 2250W PV modules.
But it is not just a mini inverter for mini systems, as many often think of balcony systems immediately. The micro inverter was actually invented to replace the large string inverter.

Disadvantages of string inverters, which we all know: very high voltage on a string, often 400-600 volts, poor shadow management, often more expensive optimizers have to be on hand, a whole string must be connected to a single MPPT, etc.

Advantages of micro inverters on the roof, which are often not known, very low safe voltage, mostly 30-80 volts, perfect shadow management, no optimizers required, each module (sometimes two modules each) has its own MPPT! thus each module can be individually controlled and optimized.

SolarEdge used to have an expensive concept with a data logger / optimizer for each module, which can now be achieved with much cheaper micro inverters. It took a while until the price of micro inverters got so low that it is worthwhile to rely on this newer technology. If you include the advantages of module-level optimization of micro inverters, it is often cheaper to mount 5 – 10 micro inverters on the roof instead of 1 string inverter + 20 optimizers.

Now to the balcony system: balcony system is a nice invention that has become more and more popular in Germany in recent years. But it is not the idea of the Micro WR manufacturer. Therefore, there is often no ready-made solution, you have to take care of the extension cables, Schuko plugs, etc., which is actually very simple. Manufacturers do not make ready-made balcony systems, only the Micro WR with its accessories. We also do not offer a balcony system, as otherwise we would be in competition with our business customers. We remain wholesalers and not balcony systems providers.

In the USA, Australia and Brazil, the micro inverters are only sold in large numbers for roof-top systems because they know the advantages better there. The trend reversal will soon come in Germany as well. At some point when you hear the name micro inverter, you immediately look at the roof, no longer at the balcony.

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