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Bifacial Solar Panel

Sheng Zhang 0

As the name suggests, the bifacial modules are solar modules that are built with solar cells on both the front and the rear. The rear side produces different amounts of electricity depending on the direction and angle. It does not produce any electricity if the back is not exposed to the sun at all.

Is the bifacial module worth it? The question is justified because it has always been assumed that bifacial modules are more expensive than monofacial modules. But it’s not true at all. Because with the bifacial module, the manufacturer is only allowed to sell the front side power, the rear side cannot be charged. That’s why only the weakest cells go to the back, so the back is ALWAYS free! For this reason you can say that the bifacial module is always worthwhile, because the back is free!

Why does it seem that bifacial modules are more expensive? It’s because of the glass. Bifacial modules only exist in connection with glass-glass modules, because cells cannot be installed on the back without the second glass layer. The glass-glass module is more expensive than the glass-foil module because of the glass material and the complicated manufacturing process. Bifacial is a free addition from the manufacturers so that customers can benefit more from the glass-glass module.

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